USP UltraCare Total Lube Fluid Management Services plays vital role when it comes to extending the life of various lubricants i.e. Hydraulic fluids, Thermic Fluids, Gear oils, Transformer oils and Metal working fluids. Its little things that makes filtration such a significant part of machinery operations. Even a particle the size of a single bacterium can spell a machine into doom. Our centrifugal and electrostatic filtration methods have unique ability to trap damaging intruders while allowing fluids to continue its JOURNEY …….. 

What is Regeneration of used Lubricant Oil?
Lubricants are prepared by mixing additives into lubricating oil base stock (or simply called “base oil”) Regeneration of used lubricating oil means separating the “Lube Oil” from water & contaminations for purifying to level at which it can be regenerated. In short, recover, separate water, contaminations, purify at electrostatic stage and regenerate with additive package and making it suitable to reuse instead of disposing expensive lubricant which still had a LIFE in it.

 Economic consequences of oil maintenance
· Less Maintenance
· Less wear and increased lifetime of components and oil.
· Longer time between service intervals
· Longer lifetime of in-line filter inserts.
Increased Productivity
· Fewer unplanned breakdowns and stops of production
· Enhanced operational precision
Lower Energy Consumption
· Lubricating capabilities remain intact
· Reduced friction
· Efficiency is maintained
· Viscosity index is kept stable
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